About Yolanda

Tampa Pilates Instructor Yoland MirzabegianYolanda is a passionate Pilates Instructor who has an array of education in the field of health and wellness.  Raised in Los Angeles, CA, she has had a lot of exposure to various diets and exercise fads, and believes that the journey to your best self is gentle, slow & steady. Her philosophy is that each body is unique, and it is the responsibility of the person living in that body to intuitively discover what foods and exercises are nourishing for them.

She has been practicing Pilates as a student for six years and has been teaching for a year and half. As a Tampa Pilates teacher, her focus is on the mind-body connection of Pilates. Yolanda’s Pilates classes are focused on details that teach her students muscle integration and breathing. She aims to improve body awareness in her students and she also loves to coach on healthy eating. Her goal as a Pilates teacher is to inspire her students to lead an overall health-conscious lifestyle from the moment they wake up to the time they go to bed, so they can be successful inside and outside of the studio.

Yolanda is also a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor as well as a Reiki Practitioner.  She continues her education in this field of health and wellness and is always excited to discuss these topics with her students.