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When a Runner Takes On Pilates

When a Runner Takes On Pilates

Sarina Fazan recently visited Diamond Pilates Tampa Pilates studio for a class and to learn more about the Pilates method. Specifically, after years as a runner had taken a toll on her body (and meniscus), she was looking for a way to strengthen her muscles in a controlled and rehabilitative way. Check out Sarina’s class […]

Fueling Your Pilates Workout: What to...

What to eat before and after your pilates workout

Committing to your workouts is a big step toward putting yourself on a healthy track, whether your goals are to lose weight, get stronger, improve endurance, reduce stress – or a combination of those things. But what you eat before and after you workout can have a huge impact on how effective your workout will […]

Pilates and Pregnancy

Pilates in Tampa for Pregnant Women

I have had many clients come to me with the exciting announcement that they are expecting…and then the question, “can I keep doing Pilates through my pregnancy?” The answer: YES! Pilates can be a great way to stay fit and strong throughout pregnancy, and a good Pilates instructor will know how to safely modify exercises […]

Want to Look and Feel Younger? Turn t...

We all feel the effects of time, and want to slow down those effects as much as possible. And it’s no secret that regular exercise can help you look and feel younger, live longer, and enjoy life longer. Pilates in particular is especially effective as both a preventative and restorative measure when it comes to […]

What to Look For in A Pilates Instruc...

Tampa Pilates Instructor Deecembra Diamond

As a Pilates instructor and fitness professional, I like to attend other instructors’ classes from time to time to learn new techniques, try new equipment, and get my own good workout in.  I attended one such class last week, and while I don’t want to call out the specific studio, let’s just say it was […]

Three Ways Pilates Can Make Your Life...

We all know Pilates can help you look your best, but the benefits of adding Pilates to your workout routine go beyond being able to fit into your skinny jeans. Here are are few benefits of doing regular Pilates that you may not think of: 1. It’s a natural energy booster. Before you reach for […]

How to Stick to that New Years Fitnes...

So it’s a new year, and you’ve vowed to make fitness a priority. To lose weight, tone up, exercise daily, drop a jeans size, make the ex jealous, have more energy, and shop for smaller bikinis. You will stick with it past February. For real this time! Sound familiar? Resolutions are easy to make and […]

Women In Business Networking and Soci...

Tampa Pilates Instructor Deecembra Diamond

Tampa, FL – With the emergence of so many female-owned businesses in the South Tampa area, a group of these business owners have come together to host the first in a series of “Women In Business” Events. A collaborative effort of Deecembra Diamond of Diamond Pilates (, Melissa Dempsey of Rodan & Fields Dermatologists (, […]