When a Runner Takes On Pilates

When a Runner Takes On Pilates

Sarina Fazan recently visited Diamond Pilates Tampa Pilates studio for a class and to learn more about the Pilates method. Specifically, after years as a runner had taken a toll on her body (and meniscus), she was looking for a way to strengthen her muscles in a controlled and rehabilitative way. Check out Sarina’s class […]

Pilates and Pregnancy

Pilates in Tampa for Pregnant Women

I have had many clients come to me with the exciting announcement that they are expecting…and then the question, “can I keep doing Pilates through my pregnancy?” The answer: YES! Pilates can be a great way to stay fit and strong throughout pregnancy, and a good Pilates instructor will know how to safely modify exercises […]

What to Look For in A Pilates Instruc...

Tampa Pilates Instructor Deecembra Diamond

As a Pilates instructor and fitness professional, I like to attend other instructors’ classes from time to time to learn new techniques, try new equipment, and get my own good workout in.  I attended one such class last week, and while I don’t want to call out the specific studio, let’s just say it was […]