Fueling Your Pilates Workout: What to Eat Before and After

What to eat before and after your pilates workout

Committing to your workouts is a big step toward putting yourself on a healthy track, whether your goals are to lose weight, get stronger, improve endurance, reduce stress – or a combination of those things. But what you eat before and after you workout can have a huge impact on how effective your workout will be, and how you will feel (and look) long after you’ve showered (or dry-shampoo’d) and continued on with your day.

I always recommend eating a small but nutritious snack or small meal before your Pilates class. While you may not want to eat immediately before, aim to have some food in your system at least an hour before you work out to fuel your body and mind throughout your Pilates class.

Aim to combine a healthy carbohydrate with some protein for optimum fuel.

Some good pre-workout snacks:
-Whole-wheat toast with natural peanut butter (no sugar added) and sliced banana
-Steel cut oatmeal with blueberries and regular or almond milk
-Greek yogurt with sliced fruit or berries and almonds
-Sliced apple with almond butter
-A simple-nutrition bar like Kind bars (look for the ones with the fewest ingredients)
-A piece of fruit (banana, apple, pear) with a handful of nuts

what to eat before pilates

Eat a small but healthy meal or snack to fuel your workout

Post workout, you don’t want to wait too long to refuel and a healthy mix of carbs and protein is key here as well. You may want to eat more of a meal post-Pilates. Also make sure you mix in some healthy fats for energy and metabolic support.

Some great post-workout meal options include:
-Whole-wheat toast with avocado, sea salt & pepper, and an egg
-Brown rice with veggies and lean protein (chicken, fish, etc)
-a salad with olive oil and vinegar/lemon juice, with salmon and quinoa
-Turkey on whole wheat with mustard and your favorite veggies (and yes one slice of cheese is ok)

What to eat before and after your pilates workout

Eat a good mix of healthy carbs, protein and fats.

Also remember to hydrate before, during, and after your workout and throughout the day. Water, water and more water! Not a fan of water on its own? Try slicing up some oranges or strawberries and put it in a pitcher of water for a fresh, spa-like treat that you’ll guzzle down all day.

And of course these tips can be used for any pre and post workout – not just Pilates!

Remember to fuel your body and your body will reward you with more energy for your workouts and throughout the day. And good nutrition can lead to a better mood, glowing skin, and of course, a trim and healthy physique!


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