How to Stick to that New Years Fitness Resolution

So it’s a new year, and you’ve vowed to make fitness a priority. To lose weight, tone up, exercise daily, drop a jeans size, make the ex jealous, have more energy, and shop for smaller bikinis. You will stick with it past February. For real this time!

Sound familiar? Resolutions are easy to make and unfortunately, also easy to break if you don’t set yourself up for success. If you’ve made a fitness resolution this year, good for you! Here are some ways to you can make sure that you keep it up and not only reach your goals, but change your habits so that your resolution becomes your new way of living:

1. Schedule it in.
Has your biggest obstacle (ahem, excuse) for not working out as much as you should always come down to time? I get it, you’re busy. And there is always going to be something you could be doing instead of working out, whether it’s finishing up that project at work, grocery shopping, shuttling kids around, or just sleeping in a little bit longer. That’s why you need to set your workouts in stone. Put them in your schedule at least a week in advance and view that time as non-negotiable. Set the alert on your phone, put it in your planner – whatever you do to schedule the other “non-negotiable” plans in your day (important meetings, pickup times, appointments), do that with your workouts too.

2. Use the buddy system.
Make a pact with a friend to workout together. Schedule (see above) classes, runs, or gym sessions together. Find someone who you want to spend a little extra time with and who shares your goals. This will help make things more enjoyable – you get to see your friend, sister or spouse for a little extra time in the day. And it also gives you (and your buddy) some accountability. You’ll be way less likely to hit the snooze button and miss your morning workout if you have someone meeting you at the gym or picking you up for your Pilates class.

3. Set realistic milestones, and reward yourself for meeting them.
If your goal is to lose 15 lbs, reward yourself when you lose the first 5, and then again at 10. The reward can be anything from a spa day to a new outfit to show off your progress. Figure out what you’ll reward yourself with ahead of time so you know what you’re working toward. Not only do rewards help keep you motivated, but they also help you celebrate your progress which can make the process of achieving your goals fun! If something is fun, you’re way more likely to keep it up.

Do you have any tricks you use to keep yourself motivated? Want to share your 2014 fitness resolutions? We’d love to hear about it!

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