Pilates and Pregnancy

Pilates in Tampa for Pregnant Women

I have had many clients come to me with the exciting announcement that they are expecting…and then the question, “can I keep doing Pilates through my pregnancy?” The answer: YES! Pilates can be a great way to stay fit and strong throughout pregnancy, and a good Pilates instructor will know how to safely modify exercises and utilize special equipment as your pregnancy progresses.

Pilates in Tampa for Pregnant Women

Worried about losing your pre-pregnancy figure? Practicing Pilates regularly throughout your pregnancy is a great, low-impact way to safely tone and strengthen. You know those women who remain tiny throughout their pregnancy, toned arms, legs and booty and just the sweetest baby bump? Most of them are working for it. And that could totally be you if you commit to Pilates throughout your pregnancy, since Pilates builds long, lean muscle and tightens and tones the small muscles that hold everything else in.

But as you know with Pilates, it’s not just about looking good…it’s about FEELING good. Pilates for PregnancyAnd practicing Pilates throughout your pregnancy can help you feel your best. It’s a natural stress reliever, and because it stretches while it strengthens, Pilates can actually help relieve some of the aches and pains that women experience throughout pregnancy. It also helps to improve posture, circulation, and nervous system function – things that can get a bit out of whack when you’re expecting.

And the REALLY big bonus of Pilates when it comes to pregnancy? Pilates engages the deepest core, muscles, pelvic floor, hips and spine, which means you develop better muscle strength and memory. Translation: women who regularly practice Pilates prior to and throughout their pregnancies get their post-baby bodies back much faster.

There are modifications to many classic Pilates exercises, and it’s important that you practice with a trained professional (like myself) who can guide you through these modifications, especially as you progress throughout the different trimesters and milestones. Professional Pilates studios also will have special modification equipment that will make your workouts safe and effective. And of course you should consult your doctor before doing any workout when pregnant.

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