Tampa Pilates FAQ

You’ve got Pilates questions? We’ve got answers!

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Q: Where are you located?

A: Diamond Pilates Tampa Pilates studio is conveniently located in central/ mid-town Tampa convenient to downtown Tampa, South Tampa, UT, Tampa Heights and West Tampa! Our address is 408 North Howard Avenue, Suite B, Tampa, FL 33606

Q: Is Pilates like Yoga?

A: While Pilates and Yoga can both be great for your health and physical fitness, they are very different. Pilates focuses on core work and the strengthening and lengthening of stabilizing muscles. Pilates reformer classes provide a full body workout that can both tone and strengthen. Like Yoga, Pilates can help with posture and flexibility, but the disciplines are in fact very different. Want to learn more? Contact me today about trying your first Pilates class! (813) 310-5745

Q: How are Diamond Pilates classes different from other Tampa Pilates studios?

A: One of the biggest differences we offer at Diamond Pilates is the benefit of very small, super-personalized Pilates classes.