My Tampa pilates clients are my family and I strive to deliver the best possible pilates workouts and amazing results. Take it from my clients!

I have been doing pilates with Deecembra for over 5 years and it has not only kept me toned and motivated in all my workouts, but pilates was responsible for my ability to heal quickly from a tailbone injury several years ago. The weeks when I fall off the pilates wagon, I feel and see a difference – it is my happy place and has truly transformed by body.  -Meriel

Pilates isn’t necessarily about looking good. For me is was about functioning better. I knew it was working when I could put my under garments on without sitting down or leaning against my dresser! Pilates changed my life!   -Jane

Deecembra is such a great trainer. She knows how much resistance to give each client, makes recommendations based on fitness level and teaches proper form. Working out on the reformer is like being in Cirque du Soleil and we have great girl talk. Best part ever is that my core strength has improved after just 5 classes and my hip pain is almost gone.  -Liz

Its an amazing workout with an awesome instructor. I have not only toned and strengthened, I have added flexibility. She pays attention to all in the class and brings in new challenges all the time! Very professional and FUN at the same time… she keeps us coming back!  -Linda

Deecembra is an amazing instructor. I have been going to her for over 4 years and she continues to challenge me every time. My entire core has been strengthened tremendously and I can’t imaging not having Diamond Pilates as part of my workout routine.  -Kerrin

I’ve been going to Deecembra for 6 years. She’s great. Pilates is a good addition to your weekly workouts. I’ve noticed a big difference in my definition.  -Sherry