Want to Look and Feel Younger? Turn to Pilates!

We all feel the effects of time, and want to slow down those effects as much as possible. And it’s no secret that regular exercise can help you look and feel younger, live longer, and enjoy life longer. Pilates in particular is especially effective as both a preventative and restorative measure when it comes to the effects of aging. My clients of all ages reap these benefits, but I have also had a number of clients over 50 turn to Pilates to help them look and feel better. Here are a couple ways Pilates can help slow the aging process and even reverse some of the effects of aging, that might surprise you:

1. Improved Skin Tone and Elasticity: regular Pilates helps improve circulation and bloodflow. The obvious benefits of improved circulation include better heart health and longevity, and can be a preventative measure for many common heart and circulatory problems that can crop up as we get older.

But better circulation can also improve the look of your skin, which is one of the first places people tend to notice the effects of aging. Better blood flow means more nutrients can travel to your skin cells, improving the skin’s elasticity and lessoning the appearance of wrinkles. Better circulation also can help scars, stretch marks, dark spots and lesions heal faster.

And you know those dark circles we get under our eyes – the ones that seem to get darker as we age? Those can actually be in part a product of poor circulation and lack of oxygen to the blood.

2. Bring back that lovin’ feeling: Yeah, I went there. But it’s true, and sexual health is so important – and also something that can suffer a bit as we age. There are the obvious implications of Pilates on our sex life, like increased stamina and flexibility. The improved circulation I mentioned before also plays a big role in fueling desire, for both men and women. But Pilates also can help fight the causes of sexual dysfunction that can often come with age, which can often be caused by a prolapsed uterus or bladder. Because Pilates focuses on the deep muscles of the abdomen and the pelvic floor, it strengths the muscles that support your internal organs, thus helping prevent sexual dysfunction as you age. Plus, the better you feel about your body, the more confident you are, the more likely you’ll be to want to hop in the sack.

The bottom line: age is really just a number if you’re body and mind are in fantastic shape. And there are few better ways to achieve that than through Pilates!

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